The Uganda Bloggers Shindig

It’s 1:30am.

I have been looking through the list of the people who came up for the Bloggers’ Meet-up and there is a grin on my face. About a week ago, we announced the Blogger Meet-up as a culmination of the year’s first #UgBlogWeek and even if we did not sell out Namboole, we were excited with the numbers and diversity of people that came to Yasigi.

The blogging community in Uganda has grown in fits and starts over the past ten years however, it has not died. We had our third blogger week last month and today we met to think and start conversation on how to grow the community.

We had journalists from Radio France International, Gael and Charlotte who were interested in engaging the community and we had some good conversations with them. The team from This Is Uganda was also around.

Veteran bloggers like Rosebell , Solomon King, Balamaga Rogers, Kirabo graced the meet-up, sharing thoughts and ideas with both under-the-radar, newer and vibrant bloggers like Olive, Prudence, Pearl, Patra, Kahill, Nimusiima, Edna, Anna, Roland, Ibrahim, Evelyn, Paul, Sharon, Omuwanguzi, Victoria, Mable, Shawn Rashidah,, Maria, Kullein Pacutho and …(if I omitted you, remind me in the comment section).

Peter of was the first to arrive at 4:50pm and would have left had I not arrived forty minutes later. After I got there, the stream of bloggers grew and we had to change our location so that we did not look like a very extended family on a dinner table.

Issues that came up ranged from having a real purpose for holding #UgBlogWeek, like improving writing, to setting up an Association and having a more vibrant blogging community.

We took people’s emails (though not all, so if you would like the blogger community updates please subscribe on the left).

Enough of the official part.

I was quite happy by 6pm we had a good number. By 8pm, we could have been the only people there. I became a bartender for a while, a while that I will not want to repeat because people, the struggle for change is real! Imagine people giving you 50k notes to pay for 2 drinks. 50k. 20k. No 10’s. You almost want to give people back their money because sincerely, on Windsor Crescent at 8pm, who do you ask for change? The boda men outside?

Then, Maria and Stella who put me to task about the unfair judgement of Kampalalites. Why do I pick on the elite yet they are not to blame for the mess of the country? I was asked to do a fair analysis and come back with a fair blog. I am working on that.

The ladies do love cake. All red velvet of it. Now, here’s a trick about buying cake at big hotels. The ones who sell the cake in kilograms. They had convinced me 1kg of cake was too little for this shindig, mbu, I needed to buy more but I told them, these people eat sparingly. You cannot imagine my surprise when at the end of the event, there was a huge slice of cake left. I really wanted to keep it for Olive who had left early but I had no way of packing it so we had to eliminate it. 1kg of cake is a lot of cake, is the point I am trying to make.

Back to sanity.

It’s a good thing when people get together from all different walks of life to pursue a common goal. Where there is a will, there is a way. We hope we are on the right journey of building the blogging community in Uganda. To contribute to the pool of ideas we are sharing, subscribe to the mailing list on the left and updates shall come through.

Much thanks to Muwado for making the first meet a success.


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  1. Kindly make it a weekend or Friday evening next time some of us failed to make it. I hope to be present on the next. I hope the communication will drop in earlier but you could still pass my cake.


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