The Thorn

It’s a hazy head,
Cobwebs all over the mind
I did not go to bed like this
While I slept,
Spiders crawled and spun their webs.

My thoughts are grey
My eyes are filled with mist
The webs that begin in my mind
Seem to be running into the rest of my flesh.

When I try to lift my back
Off the warm sheets on my bed
Unseen shadow hands bind me down
My strength is but a whisper
I cannot get my head up.

There are nails being screwed into my joints
Waves of icy twisting spread through my bones
A ghost keeps scraping metal on my cranium
The web is now a system in my entire body.

Pain in my neck, in my chest
In my stomach, in my waist
My bones desire to forget they are bones;
Steel worms seem to be crawling through my system
Shocking everything they touch.

I thought it was over last month
When they put needles in my veins
And pumped salt, sugar and yellow-
Yellow solution in my vessels,
But here it is again
Spiders building in my body
Exchanging demon feelings all over.

And the months keep counting
And the years keep going
There is a thorn in my flesh
And His Grace still is sufficient.



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