The Red Day Poem (Written by a lot of people)

This poem is a poem written by nineteen different people. The idea was to allow each writer to express themselves on romance. I dare not say love because romance here is more specific. So I reached out to friends on Facebook who wrote this beautiful tapestry below. The writers are listed at the end of the poem in the order of their verses.


They say some are builders
And others are runners
I’m building a wall
That you’ll run into.

They say some are writers
And others are singers
I’m writing a song
That your heart will sing.

They say some are dwellers
And others are wanderers
I am looking for the right spot
Where my heart can rest.

They say some are gardens
And others are farmers
Nze nimilo
Gwe farmer
*Ignore this verse*

They say some are realists
And some are passionate
I’ll tell you a story
That will make you feel both.

They say we are dreamers
That we are over ambitious
I’ll tell you what my heart says
We are the fragments of pain that bind us.

They say love is enough
That it conquers all
But sometimes it’s not
And much as it breaks my heart, I have to release you.

They say some are leaves
and some are flowers.
I’ll leave you flowers
If you never leave me

And some are stories
They say, that are lost
In hearts that have forgotten
The magic they besot

They say some are trees
And others are branches
I’m planting a tree
That you’ll branch to sit under

They say we are battle-ridden,
Broken pieces of humanity.
I think I will be content,
To find the one that matches my insanity.

They say some are painters
And some are but admirers
You are the form of my paint brush
Cutting through the corners
To expose,
My beauty, my pain,
my artistic representation
Of everything to be admired.

They say you are stars
Shiny little lights
I say you are a moon
Re-assuring me of terrors
That fly in night.

They say some are quiet
And others are loud
I sit here quietly
With thoughts too loud.

Some days are cruel
Some days are kind
In the one’s with peace
I find you in mind

They say some live on clouds
And others are betrothed
You place me on the 10th cloud
Because I have you for a lover.

They say love is a game of fools
I donate my brain to the schools
Throw yours to the sporting bulls
Come let’s overshadow Romeo and Juliet.

They say some are common
And others are enigmas
I’m a paradoxical tapestry
You’re my everyday fun- dah?!-mental clarity.

They say some are the moon
And others are stars
I’m knitting the sky
That you’ll always stare at.

The contributors in order of each stanza:

Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa, Kirabo Byabashaija, Florentina Aranél Twongyere, Innocent Immaculate Acan, Josephine Amoako, Patricia Kahill, Balamaga Rogers, Joe Apuuli Kahirimbanyi, Lucy Chihandae, Esther Namugoji, Esi Nshakira, Kavuma A Winnie, Elijah Bwojji, Edna Ninsiima, Moses Laku, Karen Ihimbazwe, Gyozef Kitaka Ssemutooke, Sarah Okutho and Aturinda Petra.


6 thoughts on “The Red Day Poem (Written by a lot of people)

    1. Haven't had something more than laughter melt my heart in awhile. No words to describe this. Sarcasm, depth and love beautifully delivered.

  1. Cool idea!!

    Favorite line from the poem ..."They say some are common
    And others are enigmas
    I’m a paradoxical tapestry
    You’re my everyday fun- dah?!-mental clarity."

    Wish I would have written that line! Clever!


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