The poem you are.

They say I write too much about love
And not just too much about it but too often,
That I have no time for other pursuits
Like money and health and God,

That I risk ending up a dreamer
With a lofty castle in the air but without throne
A man whose thoughts look as divine as a peacock
But which never lift off to fly, very much like the dear bird.

They say I should take it easy, calm down, breathe a little,
That I should not again put my heart to the test,
They tell me , they tell me lots of things

The man with the white collar and the long beard
Walks up to me and says
“Son, do not awaken love before it’s time,”

Mama tells me with earnest voice
“You can’t hurry love,
No you just have to wait”

The boys say
“Love won’t put bread on the table,
Work your behind off man”.

And I wish I could believe them.
I wish you could let me believe them
But no…..

You just have to say those words the way you do,
Speak as a proud linguist yet at the same time
As a delighted princess who chats with her mother.

I mean look how you make your steps
As though you were ascending a throne
And yet at the same time were walking with friends

There are jewels in your eyes and they are yet to have a name
When they look at mine eyes, with your day breaking smile
I am weak to think I can put off love.

See you’re a poem in a person, right from your body to your spirit,
And my dear woman, I cannot lie to you no more than to self
There’s so little  you could do to discourage me from love.

Your mind is a treasury of wisdom,
You rivet me with tales, and proverbs and riddles
You have learned the word that said, in all your getting get wisdom.

Your spirit a force enriched and enlivened
Dead to what we once gloried in
Alive to an eternal King, you the daughter of a princess

Your beauty, I have no brushes to paint
Yet one look at you and you become
All the muse I will ever need.

Can I put off love then, dear woman
Whose very being draws mine from body to spirit
How shall I not love you after reading a poem
As wholesome as you?


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