The noble pursuit.

I usually do not finish projects (as some site was telling me after some name test) so I want to start on this one and see where it will end.

Chapter 1.

It was the night that campus opened. His brothers had gone now. The sun had set;It was dark outside. The room was empty. Four grey walls with paint peeling off. He could smell the stench of the toilets which were just a room away and realised the door to the toilets was not closed. So he got his clutch, and moved out of the room into the small corridor and pushed the door shut. He went back to the empty room still unaware of what was next.

The windows were broken, a hand could easily slip in and reach for something on the table that was just in front of them. As the wind brushed against the weeds outside, he felt a little uneasy.

His bed was laid well, everything had been put for him in its proper place. He smiled at his brothers’ generosity and care. There was a lot of noise outside, other first years were just arriving and he wandered to himself why they would arrive at such an awkward hour. Maybe his room mates were among those just arriving. There were three empty decker beds in the room. He had been on time again, like his mom had taught him to be. Reporting day was reporting day.

He decided to lay on his bed and then the thoughts began: his secondary school life; his academics, his social life. What had been so exciting? Nothing remarkable. Only for the good grades and certificates in literary competitions, Noah had not really had a life at secondary school.

Oh, he had his three friends:Baker, Liam and Benson. These guys were hilarious, they could turn anything into a joke. Their jokes always kept him lively. However, he did not need their jokes the time that she had mortified him with a complex harangue which was a reply to a letter he had sent to her. But the boys, the boys laughed at him. They read both letters and laughed!

It would be different this time, he thought. This time he would ask God Himself and he did. He went on his knees and prayed for a girlfriend. He was very specific; he wanted a talkative girl, a God fearing lady, a spirited fun loving woman, someone who would complement him. And at the end of his prayer, he said AMEN.

He did not mind his disability, he knew that his Father, God would provide.

It was day one of campus but the undergraduate degree he had come to achieve was the last thing on his mind. His mind was intent on first and foremost, the pursuit of love. The noble pursuit.


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  1. I sure hope you complete this project..I can't wait to see if Noah finaly got the Nobel Pursuit.

    @TRP tell me you did not secretly hope you'd meet such boys.


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