The Night of Christmas (finale)

One two three….feet slapping the ground in a hurry. Thud thud…from the staffs in their hands. They hurried down the hill in the direction of the light from above.

The feet of the camels pounded the ground furiously as they made their way to the light. The Kings needed to get there soon, they knew something was happening at that moment.

Bang bang…upon Herod’s chest. The grape he had been trying to swallow shot out of his mouth suddenly. His heart was beating heavily! He had almost choked! He tried to calm down but his heart increased its pace. Something was amiss.

The clouds in the skies shimmered softly, the stars sparkled like diamonds. Not a sound could be heard.

Joseph held her hand as she writhed. He occasionally passed a cloth over her brow to soak the tiny drops of sweat. Mary looked at him intently, at Joseph. He smiled. She was a young woman, a virgin but she was strong. She did not curse, or scream. In her mind the words kept on ringing;

“You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name him Jesus.
He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God. The Lord God will make him a king, as his ancestor David was,and he will be the king of the descendants of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end!”

He was beautiful. Her eyes completely adored him. Here in her arms, she held the Son of God. The coming Messiah. Yet He was so frail, so feeble. He too needed to be held and swayed, and touched. He had emptied Himself for this moment when He would no longer sit in the majesty of the heavens, but be found in a manger in a small town as a child.

“Anyone there?”

A voice called

“Who could it be?” Joseph thought, after all the man of the Inn had allowed them to stay in this manger. He could not imagine who it was but went to see.

His eyes met a golden chain and they moved up till they saw the man’s face. Long black hair, brown skin, red turban. A regal sort of appearance, as were two others with him.

“Yes sirs?”

We three Kings travelled from the East. We were led here by a star shining so bright. It spoke to us of a new King born here in this land. Is this the right place?

‘ Kings? What if they want my son’s life? ‘ Joseph thought to himself. However, a soft voice spoke;

“Let them in.”

He moved aside and pointed them to where Mary and the child were. Before he had turned, another group of men arrived! Shepherds.

“Is he here?” They asked.

He nodded as he led them in. He immediately went over to Mary’s side and the two looked at each other very puzzled.


Herod tossed and turned. He was having a horrid dream. In this dream, the Romans were crucifying a man. This man’s face was not clear but he read the words above it: KING OF THE JEWS. He awoke with a start!

“I am King of the Jews! Why would the Romans crucify me? Treachery! The boy… the boy…he must die..yes he must…”

He was shaking uncontrollably as he spoke these words. His silk sheets were wet again from sweat. He got up, rushed to the balcony and looked for the star…it was gone!

” The Kings, they will bring him to me…they must…!”


Simeon was sound asleep and his dream seemed to be pleasant.In this dream, the Romans were crucifying a man. This man’s face was not clear but he read the words above it: KING OF THE JEWS. And he knew! He woke up…it must be that the boy had been born.


Racheal hurried to the cradle, Eli was crying. Eli her son. She swayed him and sang him a song. Soon he was asleep. She would go back to bed. In bed she thought to herself;

“What would I do without my children?”

Then continued to sleep.


The baby slept peacefully. The shepherds had gone. The Kings had gone. But in essence, the shepherd had come, the King had come. Joy to the world.

Merry Christmas


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  1. Socks!!

    I was enjoying the finale. It's such a beautiful finish, thanks for taking me back in time.

    Now am off the Internets to enjoy the birth.

    Merry Christmas!!


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