The Narrow Road

There are too many bright lights
in the city,
that we live in:
Reds and greens and golds
Turning souls to drones;
We’re reactions,
Full of holes,
Living like feral dogs
Shadows made to us light.

World school is blaring on Beats.
Down-low distance education,
“No one needs to know,
Let’s lose some control,
Baby give me more”
So the rhyme goes.

When we’re done,
Let’s congregate,
Let’s shake some stress,
Let’s copulate.
Smoke a blunt,
Let’s wind out;
Get our souls high,
Let’s wing out.

Driving in the middle of the six lane road,
Six , six,
Wait did I say, six? A.m.
It’s day break I’m merely skewed,
I’m not bent,
One for the road,
Let’s hear that screech!

There’s no thrill on the narrow
They say,
Straight shooter aiming like an arrow
Coz you’re not yours anymore
Staring in the distance
Walking through a bloody door.
Never really getting out
Cross you got crucified
Dead and buried
Till you got another life.

Born from heaven so high
Never really knew what a blunt meant,
Child of light beaming bright
Only view you got was from the Pent,
Not house, call it Pentecost
Counted well the cost
Decided not to boast
Road so narrow
They called it mundane, boring,
Almost forgot He called it hallowed.

So you’re on that narrow road
Getting low when you’re so high
Acting like you’re a Wide Load
Jeremiah crying,
Elijah sighing
Coz they made you feel like
Their grass is the one’s that greener
The crowd’s that cooler
The life that’s fuller.

Narrow is the gate that loses self to gain Christ – Jason Henderson

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