The Meeting

I met her by the tree, on the path through the meadow. I had to stop for I heard sobs. I paused and turned, placed my eyes on her face and saw them rolling down her face. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” I said.

She looked up and wiped her tears, the gleam in her eyes disappearing as soon as I had seen it.


“Why are you crying?” I asked.

“Who said I’m crying?” 

Her eyes were completely dry now and she had on a stern look. I could tell she did not want me to ask any questions, especially since I was a stranger walking on the path through the meadow.I had no business asking. I had to ask though, because here was a flower, by herself in a garden crying instead of smiling.

“I am Sher.”

“Hi Sher.”

She was persisting. I just wanted to help.

“I bet if you’d smile, you’d look brighter than those daffodils”, I said while looking at the yellow flowers a distance away.

A smile broke, and then a giggle and the she said,

“You’re crazy”.

“Haha, thanks. So, I wonder why you’re sitting in such a beautiful place by yourself and shedding tears?”

“Don’t worry, I am okay now”.

“So you were actually crying, hehe” I said teasing her.

“You’re really crazy.”

Clearly she wasn’t going to answer that question. All the while I was standing looking down at her, and she was sitting, looking up at me occasionally to tell me I was crazy so I thought it was maybe time to take a walk. I stretched my hand forward, motioning to her to help her up. She saw my hand, said no thanks and helped herself up.

“You don’t touch strangers?”

“I guess by the time I know your name, your no longer one. I just didn’t need your help.”

“Oh, okay. Do you mind we take a walk?”

“I do, I have to get home.”

“There’s only one path out of here you know”.

“I know”, and she started walking towards the direction I had come from.

“Hey, do you mind if I walk with you ?” I asked.

“Don’t you have somewhere to go?”

“I do, but that’s not your worry.”

She smiled, and then said it was okay. We walked back together into the other side of the valley, talking and laughing. By the time we got the departure point, I had seen more of her smile albeit hearing a lot more “you are crazy”‘s but it was alright because that day changed the rest of my life, I had met Adler.


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