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With the wake of the Xenophobic attacks down in South Africa, White Supremacist activity down there too, Police Brutality/Racism in the US, one can easily start to point at these different people as being evil and inhumane.

When the Jewish Holocaust happened, and the Rwanda Genocide happened, again many were thinking about how evil and inhumane some people could be.

With Boko Haram, ISIS and Al Shabab terrorist activities, the world tends to think some people are bad and others are good, yet that is far from the truth.

Adam. The Bible has two instances of Adam, the first and the second one. This is a significant separation.

When people talk about inhumanity, I believe they are talking about humanity. Humanists would like to posit that humanism is about goodwill to all “humans” and that this should be reflected in good behaviour towards others, empathy, and basically, things like the Rotary 4 Way Test.

Far from it.

In every man, exists that man called Adam. While some have seen the extents of his “goodness” others have witnessed the extent of his “wickedness”. Yet the two things share the same body. Regardless whether one is good or evil, they remain human and so to say inhumane is a bit redundant because there is no such thing as it still describes his nature.

When people ascribe wickedness to race, sex, and other things, there is a shortness of view because evil manifests in different forms everywhere. While you might have a brute on a street in Cambodia, you will have a White collar thief robbing a bank in Switzerland. The heart is the same root only different expression.

Some shall exercise restraint with their evil while others will not yet it is the same evil. Adam. The First.

We notice something recurrent in the Bible as regards Christ, – the cross. A place of death, a place of suffering, separation. Many of us need to notice that when Christ lived on the earth, he had emptied himself and had become like a servant. He had the form of Adam, the first man and therefore was prone to all his ways. One thing Christ did differently though, was that He did not follow His desires but those of the one who had sent Him. “Not my will but yours”.

The life he lived, he lived by the Father (John 5:19).

When he is crucified on the cross, and meets death, in essence, the first Adam comes to and end. After that, Christ himself is referred to as Adam, but the second. Why? Whereas the first Adam lived by his own life, his own wisdom, his own understanding, the second lives by another life – the life of the Father.

In receiving this Christ, we experience the death He experienced and are introduced to life that is lived by another.

So when we talk about the current wickedness going on in the world, it is not inhumane, it is perfectly human because that is the nature of Adam. While he can perform good, evil is at his heart because the life he lives he lives in his own strength. And because he departed the true life in the beginning, he is cut away. The only way back is by the cross, the great division.

Where his life is taken away from him and given another.

Friends, let us not be dismayed by the evil around us, that is natural, however that can be put away when the first man is put away.



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