The Man You Script : Lanterns to Illuminate the Issue of Man

“…Weaken the woman with the strength of emancipation
Exhibit her such that all we can see is her nakedness
And paint her man as a captor
Teach her to go to war against him
And not be his companion…”

Words from a poem that features in Saturday’s Lantern Meet Production.

We live in a generation where men are somewhat an enigma. Ladies have different expectations from them, daughters and sons also have their own expectations. Wives, mothers, fathers all have something in their mind that should be what a man is.

And then we have the feminist agenda that is all about feminine independence. These are all issues that surround a man in today’s world. How should he respond? Or is it react? There is clearly no manual on manhood, or is there?

In the recital this Saturday, The Man You Script, the Lantern Meet of Poets share their thoughts, frustrations, wisdom, confusion and revelations about the man. For about two months, the poets have sat at the fireplace of thought and deliberation about this itchy subject and have prepared a production you do not want to miss.


You are invited to enjoy the poetry that we all know has for several years now been an echo of the pains, the silent whispers, the joys of society when we are not looking.

Tickets are available at 20,000/- at the National Theatre and can be delivered to you on order (713 011166). There will only be one show so do not put it off. The tickets come with an audio anthology free of charge.


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