the last days.

These are the last days and no, i do not mean as of Jesus coming back to marry us who are His bride/Church. I mean these are my last 30 or so days on the beautiful hill of Makerere as a student.

Here I am and i have finally managed to grow a moustache and now i can witness strands at ny chin. Oooh I am so happy!!! Not only that, I have come to the realisation that I must leave home and look for a life, i mean a wife; sorry!

Naye, these three years have really been… I have learnt so much in three years, about God, women and other people, as well as my profession. You see, you will find that though women came out of man, they are altogether different (didn’t need a brain scientist to figure that out.)

I am not worried. No. Not about a job, a wife, a home and else coz all those things i already have. check the Bible. I have made friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did i ever tell you that from p1-p3 it like i had no friends? I was not really the popular guy. But look what God has done with me on campus- i inspire, mentor people!!! I am grown up.

I am looking forward to August when I graduate, after which I may pause reading books. Anyway, free net on campus, free rooms, free supper ( though, it is not every person’s desire), almost living for free.

Aren’t I happy am grown up. These last days I shall savour.


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  1. your post reminds me of a song, a PM Dawn song called I Hate Myself for You, and no, its not a bad song. just haunting in a leaving kind of way like this.


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