The Inn Keeper – A Short Story (3)


Expensive jewels on their fingers and ears, so bright they shone in the night. He closed the door quickly and hurried to his room to look through his window! And soon after he was there, the three men dressed like Kings got to the stable. He was able to hear their conversation as they reached:

“Finally we’re here!”
“Yes, the star light points us here!”
“Yes. We can now behold the child of hope.”
As soon as they saw the child, they went on their knees and bowed.

What are they doing? They are dressed like Kings, Magi, yet they kneel before a two hour old baby?
“Frankincense I offer.”
“Myrrh, I bring.”
“Gold, for the King of Kings.”
He pinched himself to make sure he wasn’t imagining this! He had to see this for himself. This time he hurried out without lamp to the stable. And he had not dreamt it! There was gold, the aroma of frankincense and sweet smelling myrrh.
This failed him. The boy and his parents were simpletons. They were in a stable moreover. What was so great about that?
The three men, the father and the mother looked at him a bit surprised by the shocked look on his face.
“It’s alright dear Sir, this boy, this child in your stable is the Saviour of the Jews but also of the whole world.” One of the three men told him assuredly.
He looked at the child for a minute and a tear almost came out. Before he could let anyone see it, he rushed back in, sat down and stared at the lamp.

Gods just sent a savior and he’s in my stable! Oh! Had I known! I’d have given the best room; but I didn’t know!
He kept on staring.

There’s a saviour in my stable!
And he began laughing out. Joy, disbelief ran through his blood as he laughed! He laughed and Chloe woke up and came to him;
“Sir, is everything alright?”
“Hahaha, Chloe, God knocked on our inn for a room, and we sent Him to the stable! Hahahaha”
Chloe was confused.
“Sir, maybe you should go to rest, I think you’re tired.”
“Chloe, go to rest, I have finally found my rest. Do not take a care for me!”
And he continued laughing. Then he went silent again, till the break of dawn, eyes wide open in disbelief and joy.

God, you should have told me to keep a room at least! You preferred the Christ be born in a manger?
A few years onward as he told a story to his now youthful grandson;
“I had God in my stable and didn’t even know it!”
The two fell silent and then suddenly broke out into laughter.
And it was true. The Saviour chose to be born in an Inn Keeper’s stable- because as after His own nature, He would in turn exalt the humble, and debase the proud. He would lift the weak and make them strong. He would take the helpless and give them help. He would take the poor and make them rich, the foolish and make them wise, the dead and give them life!
He was the persona of humility. A God that chose to be born like an animal, live like a deliverer and die like a criminal.
Are you too proud to make Him Lord?
Merry Christmas!
Joel Ntwatwa

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