The Haggle

So, there he was minding his own business when a vendor arrived with some good looking canvas shoes.

“Ssebo otunda otya?” (What is the price sir?)

“Nfuniraayo mitwalo esatu mu kanaana zokka nga weetwalira.” (You can take these at only 38,000/-)

“Kale ssebo. Ndowoza nebwogenda.” (Okay sir, I think u can continue on your way.)

“Toogule?!” (You won’t buy?)

“Ate ow’a kasanvu asobola okwogelera wano?” (Isn’t it impossible for a man with only 7,000/- to speak?)


“Kale sebo, leeta tugende.” (Okay sir, pay and we part ways.)

Thus he went home with a brand new pair of canvas shoes.


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