The February Bloggers 4 hour long happy hour!

It’s quite interesting that my last post had to do with on-line social networking as a connection rather than a community and then a few days later have UBHH. See, Anne Jackson posits that the web creates connection but not community and goes on to say that some off-line relationships may suffer because of the on-line ones.

I have seen a few of the comments and the general consensus is that there is actually community formed on-line. I for one can attest to the fact since I met one of my very good friends or tights (as The Igiss, who is no more would say,) on-line. The fact is she knows things about me my mother does not know, and I have known her since 2005. We have never met but I believe our relationship is not a connection but a community thing.

Other than that, Anne’s society and our society differs greatly in terms of technology. Whereas the web maybe readily available in the U.S, in Uganda, apart from a privileged, few, the web ain’t a luxury or rather a utility. So, my point is I think the web creates community. A good example of this is the Uganda Bloggers’ Happy Hour. Connection leaves a lot to be desired so the wise “Oracle” in her Oracle-liness proposed community which caught on quite quickly. I for one do not know how long BHH has been running but the few times I have been there, I have been impressed by the level of community being developed.

See, it has moved from reading The Dark Knight to talking with him about business as well as personal matters. It transcends commenting a thing or two on a blog and discussing real issues like Who is Igiss? and what should a first kiss be like and other things.

Anyway, on a more serious note. BHH is a wonderful place, honest.

I did not mind showing up with The Safyre 45 minutes before any one else showed up. We thought someone had played a trick on us coz there was no one and come 1905 hours, we would have been leaving.

Thank God Lulu showed up then from inside Mateos emerged Be Silent who was on the verge of tears coz…she will explain. That’s when the “community” started arriving.

Dee’s outfit…for lack of appropriate words and for fear of losing my employer’s favour….Anyway, Carlo showed up with Dante, the 2.Weak Dudes came in, Erique and then two camps were established. On the one side, there was talk of El Crapo, Igiss’s real identity, cooking etc and on the other side -WORLD DOMINATION. I found myself sandwiched in the fair camp while the big guns talked of computers and the like… Not being sexist… I was in the middle of three relatives who had a lot to catch up on- Be Silent, Carlo and Dee…

I realise I am reaching my word limit so let me just highlight a few things.- The anthropology has kicked off and we are required to send our works to Lulu’s email. The theme should be “I didn’t die”.

Igiss is still a mystery,and the word is since his identity was discovered he went offline! I hope he ain’t PGB or something. I know a few of us who would be in trouble.

Chanel finally talked to me! Of course she acted like she did not know who I was but I discovered it’s because she was afraid of misplacing her words in the presence of the Reverend Nev. People, I am sorry for being intimidating and being like a holier than thou fella, just like to point out a few things here and there. Thanks for smiling at me Chanel, I was encouraged.

We had a new blogger; Daniel whose blog I have failed to trace so far. The name is street siders.

Silverbow, The Antipop and Johnny 23 were all missing this time. She must have been working her behind off.

But it was on the whole a good BHH for me, met Erique, Be Silent, Dante, and Daniel.

Holla to Baz.

Word limit woes….


16 thoughts on “The February Bloggers 4 hour long happy hour!

  1. socks As usual..

    You work for Baz? -Sorry Dude

    Rumor has it that Igiss is a Spy and being almost compromised was dangerous

    Don't you respect African Time? What happened to the 1hour late acceptance

    Do you really have to say sorry for being you?

    What is Lulu Cooking?

  2. Baz- I inspire, so in a way I work for!


    I like to tell my "late comer" friends I was born in an English established school.

    Guess I don't have to say sorry, just don't want to be scary., and Dee and Carlo and Be Silent, ask them.

  3. Antipop, yes I suffer the need to be understood/accepted disease too, so her smile evoked that reaction...

    this wasn't like a recap...sure someone has the full story (better rendition).

  4. " Rumor has it that Igiss is a Spy and being almost compromised was dangerous " LOL.
    My people,my people.Can someone please host me on their blog for just one post to explain what really went down? Pleeeeeasse!! I will pay you.LOL

  5. eh.. nga some people didnt make the list!

    At this point (and judging from Carsozy's comment) even I could have been there!!

    BHH rules by the way... just re-emphasizing what u said.

  6. Sounds like much fun, it's nice to put blogs to faces or is it faces to blogs.
    This is when I wish I was back in Kla.

    Just passing by.

  7. I only missed BHH out of King's making. He cleary announced on the nodesix website that BHH was on 27th feb 2009.
    Missed meeting Carsozy and Be Silent for the first time and the rest or the other bloggeren.
    Thnx 4 the update Nev.

    My 2 ladies A.Pop and Silver were missing; was that a coincedence or something?

  8. Johnny...yuwa two ladies...I noticed you three were missing...hmm

    B2B nice chilling with u too.

    Tandralicious, BHH roxxxx.

    UgGal and Teti, I believe I met the 2 weak dudes but not the Emrys..figure that out! lol

    Yeah Mjay, BHH is the my most anticipated social event of each month..hehe..


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