The BeautyFul Ones…

Ayi Kwei Armah’s book “The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born” is a personal favorite. Before I had even read it it was sort of proverb, excuse, somewhat.

According to it, the good stuff wasn’t here yet and even though many disagreed adding “to those who have no eyes”, reality is things always get better, never worse. This means, as soon as you are in a relationship, the woman of your dreams arrives, as soon as you buy yourself an iPhone 6, iPhone 7 is released, as soon as you buy a new SIM card, your top network introduces a new product. It may happen a lot of the time but is not true all the time.

Let’s think of it this way. Campus used to be a rough place back in the day. Humans need to communicate but it was expensive. Calls were for emergencies. We depended mostly on SMS communication, so much so that at Christmas, you had to load enough SMS money to text your friends. But we all knew who was important, the crush. If only you could talk to them unhindered…all night if you wanted, what a day! But the Beautyful ones..

Well things changed but the Beautyful ones… See, SMS rates cut. Call rates cut. Data introduced. Wi-Fi introduced while yours truly and compadres had left campus. The Internet was easier. Emails. Yahoo Messenger. But me outchea had to pay for it. The Beautyful ones.

Then true 4G came. Surely the Beautyful ones were born. Not with the unlimited bundles. But I don’t know about campus now except that the more things change the more they remain the same. Campus can be a broke place. Seems the better things get, the more they don’t change. You need all the help you can get there. Like free calls and texts. Imagine if that happened to a campuser. Free calls and text could be revolutionary. All night troubador work… But let’s talk like grown ups. Free calls and text could be revolutionary for the serious ones. Group discussions without leaving your room! Imagine creating tomorrow on just an Mb.

The Beautyful ones were not born to me on campus which is why the campuser now better have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Vodafone’s Chat + offers a completely free communication service over LTE. All you need is as little as one Mb. A campuser in my time would do the sensible thing. Buy the Vodafone SIM. Download the app, tell all the friends to do the same and create a free talking and chatting experience. How much is one Mb really?

Some would be wondering how to get data at affordable prices seeing as campus is still campus. However, would they really ignore the For G OFFER? Gerrouahea. When you go to this link, sign up and invite 3 of your friends which gives you eligibility to buying a MiFi at a mere 30k from 140k plus being able to buy 4gb of data at just 40k… for life.

It wouldn’t make sense to get the For G offer, the Chat + service without the MyVodafone App. It’s a cost cutting, data saving and management trinity especially for the generation that is creating tomorrow. You know those youngins, let em know.

The Beautyful Ones are here…


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