The Aging of American Presidents

Got this from an email a friend sent me. Disclaimer: Never intended as a way of getting on anyone’s Obama nerves. Have a good laugh.

The Aging of Presidents
Much has been said about the aging of the President of the United States during their terms in office. Below are just a few examples (pictures on the left were taken their first year in office, pictures on the right were taken during their last year in office):

Dwight Eisenhower

Woodrow Wilson

Franklin Roosevelt

Richard Nixon

Ronald Reagan

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

And now with state of the art computer imaging software, we can look into the future and see what our next president will look like after his term in office:


15 thoughts on “The Aging of American Presidents

  1. hahahahahaha,
    cant do anything more but laugh........ meanwhile nevender.... you keep adding to your blogs what me gon do with you on my blog roll?

  2. LOL. Obviously the phrase "aging gracefully" is lost on this one.

    I had a copy of Sanford and Son lying somewhere, need to dig it up.

  3. Lulu, not yet eaten breakfast today, so my processor is slow...what exactly mean?

    @DK-I wonder whose idea this cld hav been...a black man or a white one?

  4. lol....I was not getting the point until it reached Obama's and this was clearly masterminded by a hater.

    yes thanks D.K I was wondering where I'd see Mzee obama from. If you still have that stuff, props.

    funny one

  5. Eh, thank you for reminding me of Sanford & Son.

    I remember Sanford’s fake heart attack with "I'm coming, Elizabeth."

    Isn't it ironic that he died of the same and people first thought he was doing his usual act?

    I used to have a crush on Demond Wilson (Lamont).

    But how many people here were born then?


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