That Gurl That Reads

This is for the stalker
The books and art forever talker
The #finewomeninglasses rocker.

I cannot resist girls who read.
The ones with insatiable book greed
Whose thirst for knowledge is the creed.

She talks to me in Sheldons
Chimamandas and Things Fall Apart
Except since I got to know her,
Things are getting together.

She whispers Ken Follets
And Iain S. Thomases
And to show her I’m not dumb
Respond with Waheed, Warsan and Daley Ward.

She reads fancy
And dreads the day papers are outlawed
When the pages lose the soul of the earth
And remain black and white like us.

This is for the stalker
The simple talker
I’d really like to get to know ya.

Photo : Beautiful Creatures (2013 Film)


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