Teachers Matter: Celebrating World Teachers' Day (Infographic)

Teachers are probably some of the most unappreciated people on earth. School teachers especially. You spend one, two, years in their apprenticeship and once an exam is done, that relationship is over. There is even no need for stating it. Nonetheless, these teachers all contributed a bit to the person you are today, some more.

There are many kinds of teachers we meet while growing. For example,

the hot teacher who proved there is such a thing as beauty and brains, and daydreaming and flunking!

Then the disciplinarian who was always taking things from students you wondered whether he had a second-hand shop he was selling them in. This teacher was known for pulling down boys’ “balanced” trousers saying they needed to decide between up and down. The intellectual who did not give notes, the one who wanted you to learn on your own, so she recommended books, organised debates, and discussions. The problem is, while she was a favourite for book worms, the rest of us gleaned off her patience. There were so amazing teachers but for me it was the teacher who identified my passions and enabled me to follow that path.

Mr Lukwago saw I loved to write, and he encouraged me. He was the reason I joined the British Council Crossing Borders and it’s been a journey I never left. Generally, the teachers at Makerere College noticed I loved poetry, and to write and sought out opportunities for me. I will forever be grateful.

Mr Tigawarana on the left. Funniest English teacher I have met.
Mr Tigawarana on the left. Funniest English teacher I have met.

There is so much to say about teachers, and I am very grateful for the ones I had. Share some of your own inspirational teachers or the ones you thought were terrible but somehow got you on the right track. We celebrate teachers today. Go ahead and call them if they’re alive. Appreciate them.

Here’s a simple infographic celebrating teachers all over the world.

World Teacher Day

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