Taxi users' key note address

We, of the taxis,
Who go to Usafi and New Park
Are not second grade graduates
Who have failed to make it in life.

We, of the taxis,
Who sit with the riff-raff of Downtown,
Are not failures of society
Rubbing shoulders with the mpuuta seller.

We, of the taxis,
Especially away from Ntinda route,
Are not the wretched of the Earth
Because we can’t afford rent that side.

We, breathe normal grade air,
It’s not packed in blue bottles
And topped in golden wrapping
Like the cool air you guys breathe.

We bathe water and put on sapatu,
It can be cold but it removes the smell
From the different citizens
We encounter while in those creaking taxis.

We even speak English and might own a smart phone,
Screen size 4 inches and a dual sim,
We are sorry we can’t buy Samsung Notes
But we promise we have Picfare in our bags.

We of the taxis,
We honestly have lives,
It’s just that the ends aren’t meeting
Salary zeros are still five, business just picking up.

But no worries our good friends
Soon the ends will meet,
We shall drive the Ravs
And look condescendingly upon those other people
Who look at us while they sit in those taxis.

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