Walking Thoughts

“I wanna be rich in memories, not money” – Jon Foreman

The day passed by without me noticing. I was stuck on the computer screen like a sticky note.
The notices count the days as they pass. There are calendar dates on the desk and the phone.
I pack my bag without urgency, thinking to myself what the next six hours hold
I never think a thought at a time, I live my life before I even start.
The bag is on my back, I cover my ears with faded headphones
I keep my eyes on the ground, avoiding the glances of people as they pass by
I’ve come very far, but not far enough to count for smiles
I’ve moved quite a distance, but it feels like I’ve not  lifted a foot yet.

They come and sit awhile in my mind as I walk; thoughts that are caught in endless tangle,
They talk, postulate, think but never joke, they are trying to unravel from every possible angle.
There’s an answer to a question that runs like a whisper, it promises voice but can never be heard,
So they’re digging deep and even deeper, looking for a gem in an abyss mine.

It’s a spinning wheel in a question’s mind, looking for answers that should bring life
When I look around, it’s the labels and papers that are hoisted high.


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