Was it for going to school fwaaa? [#UgBlogWeek]

I remember my mother one morning, readying me in my favourite white shirt and white shorts. The white shirt was a bit silken with different […]

Literary Events to Look Out for in Kampala, this July – August.

I’m pretty excited about the next month, August in a literary way. Here are some of the events I am looking forward to. Turn The […]

#UgBlogWeek: Top 7 Posts from Top Reader

Victoria Mbabazi who tweets here, endeavoured to read and share all the posts from the second #UgBlogWeek of the year! For this reason, we asked […]

#FreeSamwyri and the #UgBlogWeek that Hit Home

#FreeSamwyri, I thought it was a joke when I chanced upon the tweet this afternoon. Perhaps the themes for #UgBlogWeek have an uncanny way of […]

#UgBlogWeek: The Art of Forgetfulness

We lack an art of forgetfulness as regards freedom of expression. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” “The problem of Africa in […]

#UgBlogWeek: High Art

Truth of the matter is, the more liberal the world gets, the more expression there will be. I listened to a TEDx talk recently by […]

#UgBlogWeek: The Micaiah Problem

Anyone who has read 1 King 22 has come upon the Micaiah Problem. The Micaiah problem is when people act like they want to hear […]

#UgBlogWeek : When Freedom Called Like The Sea

Freedom called out to us like a woman of the sea, “Come to me, come to me, Come and be free.” She sang us songs […]

#UgBlogWeek: Quarter 2

The second blog week of this year takes place a little after the signing in of the country’s legislators.The first one occurred during election season […]

#UgBloggers Shindig

We successfully had our first blog week of the year during the recently (inconclusive?) election period and like we promised, there would be a meet-up and […]