Book Review: Rumblings of A Tree by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

When you put the book “Rumblings of a Tree”, look at the title again, then the section titles, you understand that Mulumba Ivan Matthias has personified […]

Book Review : Flame and Song by Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa

 It’s a flame, but it’s not sweltering. It’s a song, not the noise of boda boda men. As finally I put down Philippa Namutebi Kabali-Kagwa’s […]

Just Read: A Poetic Duet by Jane Okot p’Bitek Langoya and Sophie Bamwoyeraki

You will not take it for granted that yet another poetry collection is released in Uganda today. For me, it has been a year of […]

Just Read : The Headline That Morning and other Poems by Peter Kagayi

Today we shall listen to poetry While seated comfortably Peter Kagayi’s first words in his first poetry collection which are published by first time publisher […]