Relevance, Inclusion, Unlearning : Thoughts in my Writivism 2017 Diary

You go to Writivism and you expect to see somewhat the same faces you see in the Literary fraternity. And expectations always turn into reality. […]

That Gurl That Reads

This is for the stalker The books and art forever talker The #finewomeninglasses rocker. I cannot resist girls who read. The ones with insatiable book greed Whose […]

Taking Stock: The 10 Books I Read Last Year

Exactly one year ago, I took on a reading challenge. I was to read at least ten books. In fact, I blogged about it here 10 […]

10 Books I Want to Read and books you think I should read

Updated:  I found out about the 2015 Africa Reading Challenge on Kinna Reads and decided to sign up for it. This will be my list! […]