#HearMyHeart: Depression and Macho Therapy

“Man-up. Be a man. Grow some cojones. Why do you lie on the floor? Holding your stomach like out it would pour? Shedding tears wailing […]

Poem : Idolatry

I’ve been pouring libations At your altar, As a good priest should; Every hour with the accompanying prayer. Every day I come, With good mornings, […]

Book Review : Akello by Abigail Arunga

Akello is a brave and raw collection that is certainly the poetic mouthpiece of a youthful and energetic generation that’s often not considered poetic. Poetry made […]

Poem: Invisible

Little corners in buses Hedged in like a plant, There are places I’ve marked with crosses Free from the taste of beer and the smell […]

Poem: Soft Landings at the foot of a Quarry

When death visits your house over and over again First taking your colour Then taking your resolve You would expect her to come again This […]

Just Read : The Headline That Morning and other Poems by Peter Kagayi

Today we shall listen to poetry While seated comfortably Peter Kagayi’s first words in his first poetry collection which are published by first time publisher […]

#UgBlogWeek : When Freedom Called Like The Sea

Freedom called out to us like a woman of the sea, “Come to me, come to me, Come and be free.” She sang us songs […]

2016 Nabisunsa Schools Poetry Festival

Nabisunsa Girls School invites you to the first edition of the 2016 Nabisunsa Schools Poetry Festival. Come witness poetry performances in their most unique forms, […]

Conjolted by Ibrahim Balunywa

He says the word means “confused” but Ibrahim doesn’t look conjolted. Not in one bit. It’s not in the way he raps or speaks or […]

Just Read : Poetry in Motion by Mulumba Ivan Matthias

Poetry in Motion by by Mulumba Ivan Matthias My rating: 2 of 5 stars Mulumba’s first poetry collection is relatively an easy read. Comprising 51 […]