Relevance, Inclusion, Unlearning : Thoughts in my Writivism 2017 Diary

You go to Writivism and you expect to see somewhat the same faces you see in the Literary fraternity. And expectations always turn into reality. […]

Do We Know? Do We Remember?

Peter Kagayi during conversation at the recently concluded Kampala International Theatre Festival tells George Okot, “We need to remember our heroes”. He is referring to […]

Just Read : The Headline That Morning and other Poems by Peter Kagayi

Today we shall listen to poetry While seated comfortably Peter Kagayi’s first words in his first poetry collection which are published by first time publisher […]

‘Kagayi and friends’ present "Who Broke the Emperor's Testicles?!"

Press Release The First Bonfire Poetry Experience On Independence Night Announced! 9th October 2015, at The Uganda Museum. Tickets for booking, starting today (14th September) at […]