She loves him

She loves him with the eyes of a sixteen-year-old. Her heart has never known what it means to be cold. She misses the spots and […]

Cracked Screen

I’m exhausted. I’ve spent the day fighting myself and there is no winner in view. Just punches and pummels plunking this thickened skin. Thickset red […]

Far From the Madding Crowd

We don’t have to be on a beach island, Watching the waves crash on the rocks For us to be alone together in time and […]

Dulce Viento

One sniff of the stream And I fell into slumber, Closed my eyes and my heart was open Soared to lofty heights, gleaming colours. I didn’t see it coming, […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Fourteen: What is Love?

Hello Pearl, I have gone through a lot of thinking over these past days. All of my thinking brought me to something. Let me get […]

Be Present

This is a poem I know I had to share. It was performed live by Propaganda. Have a hard time with your phone? ———————————– So […]