Breakfast with God

I have invited God over for breakfast, and I am badgering Him with a problem: He gave me a big head for my big heart. […]

Short Story: Moulting, Shedding Skin

I am looking down at my feet. I’ve removed the bandages. They look like a soft palette of mesh and skin. The left foot is […]

Friday Fiction : Secret Lives (End)

The conclusion of Secret Lives. You can see the previous part here. Please share your thoughts about the story in the comments section. — Patrick […]

Friday Fiction : Mushroom Soup Goes Bad

The pre-conclusion of Secret Lives. To see what happened before this, read part 2 here. — Jane and Patrick kept exchanging glances while looking at the […]

Friday Fiction: Secret Lives (2)

Secret Lives (2) a continuation of Secret Lives here. — The man’s body was heavier than the two had anticipated. On trying to lift it […]

Friday Fiction: Secret Lives (Short Story) #UgBlogWeek

“Forgive me!” She cried while shielding her face from the hands that were raining down on her. The hands. The smooth hands. Left and right. […]