Valentine’s Series: Day Fourteen: What is Love?

Hello Pearl, I have gone through a lot of thinking over these past days. All of my thinking brought me to something. Let me get […]

Valentine’s Series: Day 13: Luck

Dear Pearl, That thing you said the other day- “If we’re lucky, we’ll go all the way…”? I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe […]

Valentine’s Series: Day 12: Cheaper By the Dozen

Dear Pearl, Cheaper by the dozen, They say, Economise. “Don’t put your heart on the line You gotta realise.” Nev, You can’t take only one That […]

Valentine's Series: Day Eleven : Infinities

Dear Pearl, I know you mean well when you say forever. But yikes, that word scares some bad things out of me! I like to […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Ten: Together Again

Dear Pearl, When you walked into Endiro yesterday evening, and my eyes met your eyes – it was only natural everything else became a blur. […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Nine: Edge

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Valentine’s Series: Day Nine: Edge

Dear Pearl “Talking with myself in a land-locked parking lot Sick of all the small talk, dripping non-stop” I feel like that now. My heart […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Eight: Waiting in Vain

Dear Pearl, perhaps I was fooled into thinking there was some time. Time for us to think about us. Time for us to realise it […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Seven: Whispers

Hi What’s up? You haven’t answered any of my calls or replied any of my texts. Are you al right? I sent a fancy meal […]

Valentine's Series: Day Six: Falling Pearls

Pearl, I’m not going to sit around and act like some love sick puppy trying to make you believe the truth. Because it seems, the truth? […]

Valentine’s Series: Day Five: Faded

Pearl, Boo, I’ve tried explaining a million times that this is one of those months. Work gets crazy. A million clients come in and they […]