Relevance, Inclusion, Unlearning : Thoughts in my Writivism 2017 Diary

You go to Writivism and you expect to see somewhat the same faces you see in the Literary fraternity. And expectations always turn into reality. […]

Should We Use “Kintu” as a Yardstick for Ugandan Literature?

Bwesigye asks a pertinent question about my review of Nakisanze Segawa’s book – The Triangle, why is there no mention of Jennifer Makumbi’s Kintu? It’s […]

Literary Events to Look Out for in Kampala, this July – August.

I’m pretty excited about the next month, August in a literary way. Here are some of the events I am looking forward to. Turn The […]

Just Read: Tropical Fish – Stories From Entebbe by Doreen Baingana

Tropical Fish: Tales From Entebbe by Doreen Baingana My rating: 3 of 5 stars I’d never considered the beaches and fish of Entebbe when I […]

10 Books I Want to Read and books you think I should read

Updated:  I found out about the 2015 Africa Reading Challenge on Kinna Reads and decided to sign up for it. This will be my list! […]