Big Pictures : Art, Sorrow and The Painter

1 Dec 2017. I enjoy how art comes together, whether on a page, a canvas, a stage, a speaker, or a screen. Art is our […]

Meditation Monday: Private Holy Spirit or Man of God?

This post was developed from a conversation on Facebook about what is more expedient; listening to the Holy Spirit or to men (led by the […]

Meditation Monday: Keeping Vs Upholding the Law

This post came from a conversation with a friend about the difference between keeping the law and upholding the law. Something that comes up in […]

Why Loving (your) self may be more dangerous than you think

Guest Blog By Eddie Ssemakula. We are living in interesting times; Silicon Valley has given us platforms of self-expression Grand Ma only dreamt about, if […]

Beyoncé, Eminem and The Wretched of the Earth

This is not another Lemonade post. Banange, can’t a brother just talk about Beyoncé and it is not about lemons? Anyway, I lie, this post […]

A Man-formed Christ?

Is it possible that sometimes we resist the death in Christ and claim terms like “I’m not that spiritual” “The grace is enough” “God loves […]

Sunday Solemness

Just got home. Current song: What it costs – Switchfoot My stomach feels empty. My lips feel dry. I feel drained. It’s as though I […]

Cheerleaders, we all need them

Cheerleaders. Sometimes they lie. So that you enter the fire with gusto!   There are people whose faces are so devoid of expression, it seems […]

In All Else, My Darkness Remains

“Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity, and so we ask ourselves: Will our actions echo across the centuries?” Odysseus (Troy) My head’s been […]