July #UBHH: My Katogo Review

UBHH was last week and Peter and Edmund have already beaten me to their reviews here and here but better late than never. Still, it’s hard to […]

UBHH April : A Recap

Please forgive my delay in recapping what was the second UBHH of the year. A lot of things happened after the 7th of April. Good […]

The Uganda Bloggers Shindig

It’s 1:30am. I have been looking through the list of the people who came up for the Bloggers’ Meet-up and there is a grin on […]

#UgBloggers Shindig

We successfully had our first blog week of the year during the recently (inconclusive?) election period and like we promised, there would be a meet-up and […]

Uganda Blog Week 2016 : Version 1 #UgBlogWeek

Blog stars! Upcomings! Mabreezy’s! I come to you with good tidings of 2016’s first #UgBlogWeek – Uganda Blog Week. A few of us have been […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated twice for this award. By Ms Sinawo who was the first to nominate me, and Mr. Kaheru who nominated me yesterday. Mob thanks […]

#UGBlogWeek : Share your Stories for Seven Days

A year ago, the first ever Ugandan mass blogging week was declared under the hashtag #UgBloggers7Days. The reason it was started was the lack of […]