Superstar (reposted)

I am coming down with the blogcks, but here is some food for thought. (Posted earlier)

Meanwhile, this shall bless you.



don’t say it is not like this;
when the copper burns into the skin,
singeing the hair into nothing
melting away the epithelium
and breaking any sign of resistance
in its way.

don’t say its not like this;
when the double edge slices away the membrane,
spilling all fluid in reach-
a pool of red at your feet
as you slowly thin away.

don’t say it is not like this;
when the gas grabs your throat
and consumes every bit of oxygen,
sends you sprawling to the floor
dead as a sack.

Yet everyday we die,
yes we die-
and let me tell you why and

listen to the ricin
coming out of their mouths
gaze at the anthrax
that is the nude they proclaim;

everyday a dose comes in
glazed with a bit of coca
“euphoric sense of happiness and increased energy”.

so we are blind
while we die,
ignorant of what’s around us;
open eyes, open ears
our lack of knowledge consumes us.

It is in the words they speak every day
Guilt free yet they speak poisons that kill us,
It is in the things that they do while we watch
shameless gyrating in the view of our eyes.

and we die when we don’t know
slowly by slowly,
because there is a new world order
with the name superstar.


8 thoughts on “Superstar (reposted)

  1. @the Emrys: (Cheri....where are you??? These guys are becoming Obamish)!
    @Ugandan girl: no it wasn't in fact this came out even before the movie..hehe, I beez cool.. thanks for asking.

  2. Here I am Here I am, how do u do?

    Obamish? Gwe, Blogcks? That's what it's called?

    Emrys Emi has said give the socks to me.

  3. Thanks emrys, Sori Cheri,I need those socks they'll certainly keep me warm seeing that the temps are tending towards negative..

    These days my tite schedule prevents me from collecting much needed socks.

    Nev. Am just curious of all stuff, why did you bring up this super star thing?

  4. Emi's secular music is filled with hatred, fornication, adultery, abuse, pornography etc etc the very things that work to destroy the human soul yet we take it in as though it is good.

    Men are cut by swords, hit by bullets and they cry out when they feel the pain. However when the soul is being murdered, we enjoy any of us cry out?? Do we attempt to escape?

    Did you hear Lil Wayne's lolipop? I am sad that our souls suffer while we watch attentively in enjoyment.


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