sorry 4 bein away

You see in a love realtionship, both parties have to show something lest one thinks the other is cheating and decides to leave. Now i was greatly discouraged after all the posts that there was no single comment! I gave myself a break, anyway am back.
Friday was an amazing day for me coz it was one of those days that make you thank God, you are Ntwatwa. So I was supposed to lead brothers into a meeting with a high profile leader in the Church-MCC but because I was registering, the show down never materialised. Spot; I left my place and went to FCIT with the hope of registering before Lunch. So, i joined a line which i knew was correct. Patience is one of the fruit that manifest in my life these days, so altho’ the line was not moving because of an irritatingly slow lady i kept my peace. Nga a sister appears out of the blue with attitude and demands a place infront of me(was it behind?) Anyway because i walk in love i was good ’nufff to surrender it. So nga we keep on chilling then these guys decide to just say, “eh, it is already lunch time, we have to go. We will be back at 2:00pm sharp!!” Aate me a Christian brother, i took her word literally and sacrificed lunch hoping 2pm i wd be shooting off for the rendez-vous. Did they appear? Their 2pm apparently is 3:00pm so we started off again. I tho’t i was smart, i was number one on the line, but when this madman.. i mean madam came she sat away from my line and so i was there angulating my hand for the chic to please deal with my papers. Nga she finally takes them. Now when i th’t all was good, she assures me, boy you got an original exam permit, take it away! Brothers and Sisters, if not for the peace that passes all understanding, i would have fainted or cried like some chics earlier coz the line was thick at the front and how wd i reclaim my gwa? But i new God was faithful. At that time i had only 400/- in my pocket that i could use and i was praying that it be enuff for the photocopy and by His grace it was. So i go back up. I ask some brother for space to reclaim my gwa infront of the other sista who i gave a place but was he budging? However sometimes things move by force so i slowly by slowly forced and again i was at the front infront of the sista! Then another trial appeared. The real officials came and good enuff for me, he ordered a line behind me. So i give him the docs. So he first assures me ” i am not going to waste time with people who do not know how to fill their forms, which year are you?” and he throws back the form at me. I say. ” okay” i have a ball point. I wrote on all the three copies and hand it back to him. He goes through asks for my bankslips and i assure him, am on government! He looks offended! And asks for my ID. I pull it out and hand it to him; ” It is not renewed? Why didn’t you renew. Is it because you are on government?! Go! Go renew it!!” Now I was shocked!! Renew my card, now?!!! Where? How? I did not move after all what does Psalm one say about people like me, we shall not be moved. I prayed to God and stayed there, assuring him how that was an impossible feat. Now my systa who now was on my right was also getting her forms verified and he asked her for her card. Now sistas are miraculous if not witty. So, she pulls out her wallet, acts as though is pulling out a card. In the mean time the man is dishing out comments to other people as he signs her forms. So by the time he finishes signing them, the card is still in her wallet and he has apparently forgotten he asked for it. So she moves away, leaves me there standing int he might of the Lord!! Now God is faithful coz sincerely that aint no treatment for a son. Soon, he gave up his ways and signed my docs and leave the line at around 3:30pm! Now i see the sister standing there and ask her if she got back a form for herself and she said yes. I asked if she had signed and he said no. So we proceeded to the place for signing and we did! Now this brother must have had an issue against government students coz as i was signing i was signing angularly and he said ” you, you are disorganising the line, because you are a government student you think you can disorganise the line? Go away and let others sign first.” Obvioulsy i was finishing and by now was cooking up a hearty laugh. When i encountered the systa again she laughed and assured me how worried she had got when i was being rejected coz i had an unupdated card.
Now apparently this sista is my friend so she had a problem with her shoe so i pushed her to CCE to get her shoe fixed. As we were movin she realised mine was worse, mind you i do not love buying shoes so i had kept this particular pair for 3 years, since first year i mean. Oh, she was like brother you gotsta get a new shoe and i was bugged till i decided to go get a new one.

Guess wat. My man Emka did it. This year is really favouring me via sports. For those of u who thought Emma Kato was a joker-eeh winning oyee!!

I felt i should inform you fellas. October 28th in the secular world may mean something awesome in Uganda but for us who believe that God has meant for us to wait for sex till marriage, we shall be participating in the Global Abstinence Pride March at Kololo Airstrip and we shall be privileged to have Papa San. Come and walk with us.

I had two tests last Sunday, a bit hard but i dealt with see u around.


2 thoughts on “sorry 4 bein away

  1. Apologies accepted could u just go and cut off the story of the budding friendship with the sister like that? I mean, i was so into it!

    what did Emma Kato win?

    i wait with baited breath for posts from the abstaince march, really!

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