Poem: Soft Landings at the foot of a Quarry

When death visits your house over
and over again
First taking your colour
Then taking your resolve
You would expect her to come again
This time to finish the job
And take what she believes is hers.

But she simply likes to visit
And she visits often.

She visits in people going away
She visits in people shutting their doors
She visits in a hundred thousand failed hopes
She visits in broken hearts and broken rhymes.

She visits over and over again
And starts to bring her things as well.

She visits with disillusionment
She visits with jadedness
She visits with deep thoughts of loneliness
She visits with so much darkness
And always leaves it behind.

Until you decide to visit her.

You pack all her belongings
The dark and the numb
Fit them in your exhausted heart
And go to her house.

You go up the corridors
Filled with people, chasing dreams,
You won’t stop till you get to the top
And then knock on her door,

You’d think the person
Who’s been visiting you day after day
Taking your sanity
Taking your mind
Would be happy to have them returned…

Oh no…

So I jumped from the top of the building
Hoping she’d open her door to me
But she kept it locked
And now I’m stranded in the ICU
Broken body added to the broken mind
And broken heart,
That she brought with her.

This poem was written after news of a man who jumped off Mabirizi Complex but did not die. The poem is composed based on the idea that perhaps he had ongoing mental health issues that had no solution. Perhaps this man was depressed and had no way out except suicide. (Un)fortunately he survived but now has to deal with not just mental or heart issues but with physical issues as well.

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4 thoughts on “Poem: Soft Landings at the foot of a Quarry

  1. I love it. The word play aptly describes what I think this man must have felt before he made the decision....and for people who go through this kind of experience.

  2. Jadedness. It is the word on which the detail of this poem is built, in my view. Going around the same circles of life without conclusions. You take the road less trodden, I pointed the finger and here you choose to side with the persona, why?


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