Social Civility : Looking for Cyber Relevance?

Life as I know it, dear reader,
Is far from the gloss of the magazines
And the silver of the screens
And the sultry voices in the speaker box.

I see, dear reader,
The endless tweets on the deck
There’s a party here
There’s a joke there
There’s an insult over there.

I lay here, dear reader,
Confined and confounded
How life from your side seems gold and fire
While all I feel is pain and ire.

I wonder, dear reader,
Is it I alone who has pain
Oh have I not learned
How peace to feign?

Do I need to do a course in diplomacy
Or international Relations
To know how to smile technologically
Tweet what every one is tweeting
To diss what every one is dissing
To go to every party everyone’s attending?

I’ve been asked what it means to be social
Does it really mean community
Or is it mere connection for the sake of civility?

Is it not peer pressure
Desire for relevance when otherwise
I am as good as ignoble
A soul making invisible connections
From a corner in his room
On the outskirts of the city?

Banksy piece: found on
Banksy piece: found on

Or maybe I am an incurable introvert
Stuck to writing in notebooks
Made out of actual paper
Comfortable with being away from the crowd.

I see hashtags errday!
Hashtags! Twitbons!
Encoded society!
Forced relevance
Paid relevance
My money is on the hashtags
Sponsored by the bigger names!

Mirror on the wall
Am I turning into a dinosaur
Or are my issues valid?

Coz too often I see people
Talking about things they don’t understand
Things they don’t care about
Just so a Klout score can go up!

Surely my concerns are valid, are they not?


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