So What if I don't get on this Challenge?

You know how Christian pastors know how to rhyme things? Particularly every beginning of year. They get the year and append a really cool phrase which rhymes. For example “Two Thousand Four, The Year You Are Receiving More”, “Two Thousand Five, The Year You Are Going to Thrive”, “Two Thousand Six, The Year Of Golden Bricks” etc etc.
Perhaps we should call this Twenty Fourteen- The Year challenges became Routine. I mean if you’re on the same social media circles I am on, you should have encountered a Bible Challenge, a Book Readers’ Challenge, a No Make-up Challenge, a Photo A Day Challenge, 100 Happy Day Challenge, I mean gwe, this is a year we are seriously being challenged. Challenges. And they say Uganda’s youth are idle and disorderly? 
See, I have realised in life, there are two kinds of people. Those who accept challenges and those who swerve around them!
Well, I have swerved challenges so I have no right to throw stones at those swerving. In fact, I am embarrassed when I talk about things I have swerved. We swerve because of fear. Swerve because we do not understand. Some say we hate what we do not understand. Anyway, I am now going on a tangent. 
This is the point. I have not had writer’s block. I have been writing every week. And loving it. I am not joining the challenge because I have not been writing. I am joining because I love writing. I love blogging. If it were for boasting, I would have a lot to say. And yes I am sort of getting to the point.
This is the thing about challenges. Most times people jump on these things to feel like they belong, to prove a point to someone, to not be in the bad books of so and so. Some are actually put off because they know they cannot measure up. Yeah. I have experienced that kind of thing.
What I have discovered though is this- when you love something, there is usually little effort in expressing yourself in that thing or towards that thing. Don’t tell me about discipline and stuff. Love produces all of that. It is like the root of a plant. It is life.
So I guess this challenge sort of is a reminder that we love blogging. Not that we are measuring up to some standard but that there is a passion driving us. So, I hope after these 7 days we shall remember how much we loved blogging and shall continue to. And that through blogging we shall express ourselves without fear of being judged or assesed. Blog because you love to, not because you are merely being challenged.
And anyway, all of us are challenged in some way, why not be Bloggingly-Challenged?
Peace. And Christ Love.

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