Sleeping in your grave.

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The Casket Furniture Company designed a bed for those who wants to know the feeling of sleeping in a coffin. According to their site, this ‘long awaited’ item can be yours for only a little over $4,000. It’s constructed of Solid Pine with a removable top and bottom and adorned with a handmade metal cross and gothic pall bearer handles. Finished with an ebony stain and lacquer with a burgandy velvet interior. Disturbingly, their site also indicated ‘locks and latches’ are available at an added price.

I died!….


14 thoughts on “Sleeping in your grave.

  1. I died too!!!!
    No thanks, I am okay with my little bed. $ 4000 for a coffin.....that overpricing death!

  2. 4,000Ds. Those chaps should be arrested.

    Normzo can let go of the good old mwiri days. Double decker. hahahaha

  3. You may not believe but this could easily be sold very afraid too many Dracula's around


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