Shattered Glass (Dinah's Sorrow 2)

Good morning. Hope you are all well. I have attempted to follow up on Dinah’s Sorrow, so this is the second part in the series.


Hillary’s face was contorted. He simply couldn’t believe it. Who did she think she was? The message on the phone read; “I gave birth to a baby boy. He looks like you. But I am not coming home. I’m not ready. I called Mom and she’ll get me in the morning. We’ll stay there for a while.”

“The god-damn baby is mine…what right does she have to not come home with it?”

He threw the sheets to the side and got up. White sheets with pictures of pink roses. He put on the light switch and the darkness hurriedly left the room. He turned and looked at the woman in his bed.

It wasn’t Dinah, no. It wasn’t the wife of his youth. It was a strange woman lying there, smiling. Why was she smiling? He didn’t love her. No. He just wanted a baby.

He walked to the bathroom to wash his face. He needed to think clearly. Dinah had finally given birth, moreover to a boy. He did not expect this. He thought the baby would not make it. That’s why he did not go to the hospital with her last night. He was tired of having to go there each time only to be told the child was dead.
He had seen too many of his children die in her womb and would not witness this one too.

He scratched his head and looked straight into the mirror. The man on the other side looked like a maniac, there was rage boiling in his eyes. Who the hell was he? Not Hillary, no. This man was different, he wasn’t the calm and peaceful Hillary known to many.

All of a sudden his fist landed into the mirror on the wall, shattering into pieces…His life.

“He wants to have a baby with me!”

Molly said.

“Girlfriend you must be joking. Do you even know the man?”

Tyra interjected.

“Shya, what’s there to know? I’ve been with him for 2 months now and he loves me.”

“You don’t know that for sure. Just because he takes you to nice places? Moreover, I have heard stories about him…”

“Stories? About my man? Lies! Whoever is telling you those stories wants him for themselves.”

“Molly, that man is married! Do you think you can find a single guy with such dime these days? I swear even the way he treats you…”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re always going on dates with him to secluded locations, have you ever gone with him to a party or any social event?”

“Because he wants to know me better.”

“Molly, open your eyes. I do not trust that guy, especially now that he says he wants a kid.”

Molly looked at Tyra with disappointed eyes. She couldn’t imagine that her best friend did not like her guy. Why? Whatever was she was saying was speculation and wasn’t important. What mattered was that Hillary wanted a child. He was the man of her dreams. He was handsome, rich and cared immensely for her. She wanted him forever and a child would make that possible. But see, she did not suggest it, he did!

She had kept herself for the right man and had rejected small boys’ approaches. All these boys wanted was pleasure, she wanted love. Hillary would give her love tonight.

Molly’s auntie once told her that it was extremely important to save oneself for the right man because once a man slept with her, her blood would tie her to him forever. It was a marriage ceremony that was witnessed and affirmed by blood. She had to make the right decision.

Hillary was the right man.

She picked the phone.

“You’re not going to your mother’s. You’re my wife and I am coming for you and my baby today!” Then it went off.

A cold wave swept through her…Hillary now sounded like a maniac.

Molly had got up to go to the bathroom but she saw the light in the kitchen on. She knew it was Hillary since he wasn’t in bed. So she tip-toed wanting to sneak up on him and give him a kiss. As she tip-toed, she heard his voice on the phone and the last words she heard sent chills through her:

“…You’re my wife and I am coming for you and my baby today.”

“Wife? Baby? The man was married? Noo…but my sacred blood?!!”

The shock sent her sprawling onto the floor.

To be continued…


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