Sex is pizza (continued)

In a recent post when I said pre-marital/extra marital sex is like pizza, some were appalled. It seemed I had watered down what is a beautiful experience to a mere snack. Forgive me if I offended you.

However, think about it. The Godly view of sex is that it is something that happens exclusively between a man and a woman who are joined together for life in a marriage covenant. Sex is meant for the marriage bed, which is sanctified by God.

This kind of sex happens between husband and wife who are in essence one body. Sex makes them physically one through intercourse whereas their wedding is a spiritual joining. I cannot find a good comparison because it is perfect the way it is.

However, when sex is outside the frontiers of a marriage covenant it becomes a snack. Pizza is a good example. Let’s say you go to Domino’s and purchase a large size pizza. It is put safely in a box where its contents will be revealed when it is time to eat it.

So, a pizza is almost impossible to eat as a whole; it is better for it to be cut into pieces. You will also notice however that a pizza is rarely eaten alone; usually it is shared by a number of people.

Thus, when I look at the differences between sex before or outside marriage and pizza, I can hardly make a distinction! Whether it is the man or woman engaging in it, he or she loses a piece of themselves and the more partners, the more pieces of themselves they lose.

Unfortunately, the world has shunned the marriage bed. We have become too impatient and settle for snacks to satisfy the lust we have. Many of us are like pizza half eaten: Incomplete!

Gladly, God can change the filthy people we are into blameless sons and daughters. He is the perfect key to all locks. God’s patience is like time itself:waiting as long as it takes; His love is like a house with a roof, even when it rains you remain dry. His grace is as available as the soil on the earth.

I am not perfect; maybe a part of me was lost; if not physically then mentally, but this God is amazing. He perfects that which concerns me. Even the lost He can find; the consumed He can replace. He still mends and repairs and causes us to hope for the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I am a man who erred but He was the one who saved.

Pizza or not. God perfects. I am purely a work of God. And so He avails new attitudes, beliefs and the grace to become ready for the marriage bed, not Domino’s pizza.

Psa 138:8 Jehovah will perfect His work in me; Your mercy, O Jehovah, endures forever; do not forsake the work of Your own hands.


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