Scribbled for 1st December


We take it for granted coz we think we can handle it; with wads of moneys that can buy ARVs. How about those in the rural rural areas, sufferin on their death beds coz their flesh took over once… AIDS has not relented, but our carnal nature has, so we keep joining networks, buying condoms etc.

ABC- Abstain Be Faithful Christ’s conviction but then we make it look like condoms can be sustained? Our  flesh keeps bugging, and then we throw them out the door, and anyway, we all die someday, so we throw caution to the wind.

God help us buffet this flesh and the only way I know is help us change our minds. Help us grow up. Help us cherish marriage, and honour the marriage bed, help us drink water from only our cisterns, help us only look to and enjoy the mates of our youth. Yeah, sex is nice, but the pleasure lasts seconds, and then you’re back to step one trying to get another high. And you try to please the flesh but it never gets satisfied, if only you could get your Spirit intertwined with your soul, you’d know that besides the Lord are pleasures forever more.

Pleasures forevermore.

You will show me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.<sup class="xref" value="(B)”>(B)
<sup class="xref" value="(B)”>Psalm 16:11

Peace out to those who got the virus from no fault of your own, let God be your healer, let God press your wounds.

If you do not know your status, style up.


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  1. He should shake her hand... 🙂

    Then maybe buy her a Fanta Strawberry and some chips. And then escort her to the taxi and call it a day.


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