i had some tears come out of ma eyes thursday nite. Someone i love had laughed at me; when i remember that i feel like why was i cryin? There is a way people can distract you from God. but i aint fallin dere. Man today was Campus Ignite Festival at Makerere Sports Grounds and we had some nice time there. i did not to stay to the end to tell you how many received Christ but i am sure many did. Here i am in labs yet i have a test tomorrow morning. But i aint freaked out. God says i shall be the head and not the tail. so i am confident that what am going to read is goin to come and am a butt the paper. God is good.

KPC LOOKS BEUATIFUL INSIDE!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! Man you guys oughta step into it and check it out, it looks wonderful. Can’t wait to go to church 2moro. Love you guys.


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  1. you ought to have taken some pix of what KPC looks like inside now. some of us near heathens hardly ever get to be on the inside of a church, kiwempe or not.

    thought: KPC used to be a cinema so people used hook up there. now they get married there. how wierdly right is that!


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