Rwenzori Mineral Water

Living in Kampala of late feels like living on the outskirts of hell. My dear, what if the Mayans were right? All over a sudden seems like the rain has abandoned us….maybe after Christmas the rain saw what ungrateful little brats we were all complaining how it could rain on the day- spoiling major beach and pork plot…little did we know we would wish everyday was Christmas 2009. Alas, the joke’s on us.

Now, this heat coincides with my watching of 2012. I swear that movie is so spooky it always spooks me to sleep whenever I try to watch it to completion. I have tried two days in a row but always fail to finish it… I mean, did you see how the land was giving way? Reminded me of the story of the men in the Bible that the earth swallowed up….I see exactly what happened to them. {Num 16:31 And it came to pass, as he had made an end of speaking all these words, that the ground clave asunder that [was] under them:And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed them up, and their houses, and all the men that [appertained] unto Korah, and all [their] goods…. follow the rest of the story}

Gosh! And Haiti happened a few weeks after 2012….hmmmm

Well, I’m told to outsmart the heat you’ll need to- Rehydrate: that way you will not be the bozo who fainted coz he had no time to drink. If you’re reading this you’re probably able to stock up on enough water for the day. 3, 1.5ltr bottles are not bad at all, not expensive either- just 2,700 where am at.

And if you’re a lawyer, I pity you coz those dark jackets you put on as uniform…eeeish…you’re probably doing human luwombo on yourself? Google would be such a nice place to work at in these moments for y’all. But surely, someone should invoke a new dress code for times like these. Ban all long sleeved shirts and trousers, let’s go back to the era of King’s African Rifles…woooohooo….funky.

And honestly, new work policies should come in place- do those meetings at some poolside, or go for forest walks. Relocate offices….remove ceilings…

Well, I’m yapping too much. Thank God there’s a fan in this office. Yes, a fan, the ones of the ceiling. Munange, I am not in the class of those of air-con but the fan does work well. Let me get back to work before…No, I need to go to the ‘syuper market’…not for love bambi….for Rwenzori Mineral Water.


9 thoughts on “Rwenzori Mineral Water

  1. Do not get scared young man... these are just 'simple' climatic changes, the rains will come ounce again..

    Damn!! it is Hot!!!.

    why Rwenzori water... why not Wavah?... How much is Rwenzori paying you for this?????

  2. lol by the way on going to a syuper makret not for love! you listen to that kenjoy ad abit much dude!
    oh yeah that movie did scare me quite abit!


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