Rocking at the Temple of love

The opening acts have come and gone. The lights are blazing all colours.The speakers are buzzing with anticipation. The Rockstar is about to make an appearance. The crowds are screaming out his name, they are excited and cannot wait to lay their eyes on the Superstar.

The stage is amidst two pillars, and I dare you won’t believe this, the pillars are made of gold! Consider an ounce of gold costs $895.40 per ounce, or to make it easier $28,788 per kilo. This superstar is extravagant!

Wait! The whole stage is actually golden! (A moment to breathe.) This is actually not a stage, it is a temple!! Rocking in a real temple, how better can rock concerts get?!

So, the crowd’s energy keeps surging, they are ready to see the Superstar, the Rockstar!! Suddenly the huge fans on the sides of the stage go on and then a sight never seen before….the Rockstar descends from the heavens!!! Acclaimed Rock of ages and Bright Morning Star, the genuine article, the real Rockstar…

…I dream of that day


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