Risk Management

Was reading up about risk management, trying to understand more about risk in business ventures. In short, it involves identifying the risk, assessing it and prioritising it. Risk is in simple terms an uncertainty of an objective- your plans could succeed or fail. There is no definite way to predict to the highest correctness whether the outcome of your actions will be a success and not a failure.

Somethings are more risky than others because of the value of loss involved. Chances are if you bet on Manchester United winning in a Champions’ League Final against Barcelona FC, you will lose your money. Why? Manchester are not half as good as the Catalans. In such cases, the skill is measurable.

What about when it comes to unmeasurables, for example, a person’s will?

In Economics, one of the reasons people buy yet they do not necessarily need to is because despite the measurable variables, humans are oft illogical and will sometimes be led by their hearts and not their heads.

Between the heart and mind, what would I choose? Tough decision, out of the heart the issues of life flow but with a dead mind, we make all the wrong decisions.

When it comes to a person’s will and their emotions, risk management becomes impossible. No way to determine an outcome, no previous data, nothing at all. Which is why we have this thing called hope. Hope is a nice little animal that sees the glass as always half full. There is always something good to look forward to in its books. Our hearts for some reason decide to hope, when they do not, they draw back.

The WORD lets us know that faith is the substance of things hoped for. Faith without hope isn’t faith. There needs to be a glass half full seen before one can believe it will be.

So, when our happiness depends on unclear circumstances, or a person’s choice, we are left with hope, not even faith, just hope. For a man’s will is theirs, and unless illegally bent by mind control, it is not subject to anyone else.

Can hope be perfected? So that despite the outcome, a man’s heart fails not? I believe it can be.

Rom 5:5 And hope does not make us ashamed, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit given to us.

Risk management when dealing with free will? Hope. Especially when the love of God has been poured out in the heart through God’s Holy Spirit. May there be comfort, refuge and restoration when things go bad, even when you hoped they would not. With these, hope and love, you can be like Joseph who endured his brothers’ ostracism, prison, betrayal but still forgave.

You can be like David who though could have killed his enemy, turned from the evil act or above all, be like Emmanuel who forgave his assailants in the act of murdering him.

Hope you make sense of this.


2 thoughts on “Risk Management

  1. risk management..when i see a nice bag...i look in my wallet, if it fits the bill..i make a payment regardless of if i have food on the plate that night...:-)

    thats my understanding of risk management..NOT

  2. Gundi.... hehe. That's not even risk mgt, nothing is uncertain, it is more like 1s and 0's, yes or no....lol But UgGal.... so tell me what you really think of it.


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