I love the word resurrection. In fact I love words that have a re- at the start. Renewal, Revival, Reignition. Basically in life, sometimes fuel reserves run out and the engine goes cold. So, when an engine goes cold it must be fired up again, reignited. Thank God for re-.

Anyhow, most of y’all know I was down for sometime- yeah, my energy reserves had run low and I wasn’t recharging hence the breakdown and subsequent drastic solutions. Given 3 units of human chlorophyll plus lots of water and morphine.

I knew morphine was narcotic but I no longer believe it. You see in those times when the pain has exceeded my capacity to hide it, only a strong drug can calm me down. Usually it is one called pethidine. I love pethidine, coz it has a floaty feeling. It stings you and then gives you wings, kind of like how they say Red Bull does. But this time I only got one sting then they put me on morphine. Morphine does nadda. It comes from behind and drugs you. You don’t even see it coming. However it puts you sleep still.

Sorry about the rant…but how does one get addicted on something they don’t sense? I couldn’t see morphine coming but I could see pethidine. I think it is easier to get addicted to the latter, nont that I am addicted.

So anyway I was admitted, but this time I had really been a bad boy. Aunt told me I had never gotten a transfusion since I was 2 and they blamed it on my eating habits and lack of rest. Yeah, they blame it on Chicken Tonight. Chicken Tonight gives me the illusion that I have eaten enough for the day so I rarely take breakfast and supper. You see one time even my aunt complained that I no longer eat at home. She must have been wondering whether I had a woman.

And then Pastor Joseph Prince advised one time if we do not get enough rest, we usually find ourselves resting along with many other people in a large room. Yep, that happened to me.

Well, as I was there, death came just on the next bed; a lady passed away after fighting for her life unsuccesfully. I heard the doctors fidgeting with Oxygen and stuff and trying to keep her alive, she was moaning at the time. When she stopped, I knew. Immediately after that, wails and sobs and shrieks. There was something dark about the atmosphere. I think I lost a tear in the process.

But people showed me love, I appreciated that and the fact that I am not alone. I got friends. The guy over at Sleek and Wild, The Rogue King, The Rising Page, Darlyne, Streetsider, Heaven of the Fluorescent,Johnny23, Normzo, Sibo, Rhinorck, all the guys at BASIC Family, the delightful UgandanGirl, my family, my friends, even relatives lol….so many guys said a prayer for me and that means a lot. Thanks everyone and God bless you.

Otherwise, I have resurrected. Been told to eat like a pig and drink like a fish so donations are most welcome. I thank God for life coz people, don’t take it for granted. It is a blessing just to breathe and have no pain in your body. Gove God the Glory.

Otherwise, it’s time for Christmas. Peace to all.

BASELINE:And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. (1 John 5:11)


19 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. "Eat like a pig...drink like a fish"...Dude will you handle?

    You know lots of food= weight problems and that also leads to death(am told).

    cheers mate- and welcome back from those 'ends'

  2. @TRP, thanks kid sis.
    @normzo I must handle coz in this case, I am immune to weight problems. My body mass index has never been faulty. Otherwise, thanks.
    Yep @sibo, I will grab and in fact eat that food.
    @Safyre, thanks hombre.

    Thanks UgGirl, terribly miss you too; glad am back too.

    (I'm amusing myself the way I'm writing-like as if am on twitter--hehehe..)

  3. your post was going so well untill you threw in that bit of a lady kicking it just next to you, chilling tale man, just reminded me that life is precious, lots of stuff we take for granted. love your blog page its re-freshing, yeah! nev man lets thank god for RE.

  4. Good to have you back bro! I will help you fulfil a small portion of that "Eat like a pig business"

    Any particular food that's off your diet?

  5. Welcome back, Nev. It's been too long. Now stop messing about and come for lessons on how to handle food. I think we should have a toast to your resurrection at the next BHH.

    Take care of yourself, alright?

  6. But TRP n Nev, who is the baby? Nev sez TRP, then she turns around and calls u baby bro...mwefugge!!
    Welcome back man, really great to have u back..n thanks to TRP and UG girl 4 keeping us in the loop


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