Point to note.

Christ’s dieing on the cross. If you look at it from any point of view, it was because of love. Extravagant love for his creation. That we may begin to walk in the blessing and not the curse. Oh, for the cross. I thank God.

EMMA Kato won a rally last weekend altho’ now i seem to forget the details.

A friend of mine came back from mOROTO and well he is also graduating next week. He told us of how God saved his life through a dream. He dreamt the car he was travellin in would be ambushed but did not take it seriously. His main concern was to reach out to certain neighbours. so the conviction was so great he delayed his trip and guess what. The driver called him up later on that day and told him how their car had been ambushed by warriors…!! Is God not good to his beloved?

We began doing tests and man do i have an issue with reading. I always read a day or two before the exam. What can someone remedy?

Can i crack you up?

Last Friday we went for door to door ministry at Grand Hostel and as you may or may not know, this is a ladies’ hostel. Now for me and my companions we only encountered one brother who was on the case of one sista- you knw Friday nytes and how it works when you are not born anew-for us yo’ its a good nyte for a nyte of prayer. Anyway that is not the point.
My colleagues amused me and said that most of the rooms they went to had guys in them!!! I was amazed the more coz they actually led one brother to Christ, in a ladies hostel!! Glory.

I was contemplating on my single hood. I remember i already asked God for someone but maybe that was not the right time. I am like my life seems more interesting without the focus on one chic. As in, God is much more in focus and i was like maybe this cd be for till i die…Waaaaah!!! I want to get a beautiful gurl, marry her and we make ‘babes’. No pun there. Marriage talk! I was at a reception and it reminded me i am a man now, with a moustache tho almost inconspicuous, it is visible. So i have to move and make some important decisions.

love u guys.,


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  1. Oh man, the situation musta been real tight for the guy to convert in a ladies hostel! i suspect he was either trying to show off his sensitive side or the girl was saved and that was the clincher: getting saved like her.

    i'm just a cynic, sorry.


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