Most times, like now, I really have no idea how I should start my blog. It has been too long since I actually sat and thought of what to write. Some of my previous posts have been song lyrics which I love but apart from that, blogging has been sidelined but here I am, let’s see how this goes…

I have not been to any BHH since this year started so you prolly do not know that now I have a cool black goatee and improved English; next time I appear at the BHH I will surely try to fit in with all you interektchos and your Ingo-lisho!!

To my shame, I have not seen the inside of Watoto Church either since January, and you must be wondering, why is my life fallin apart? Of late I have not been too enthusiastic about doing Sunday or Sato service. My Sato’s usually find me visiting friends and my Sundays are spent mostly in bed too ward of fatigue. I have been doing a lot of things since Feb, work especially is hard coz the dude whose stuff I am working on can be demanding. Dude changes his mind ever so often..

But I don’t mean to cut Church, maybe I have grown “ekitwe” and think I have heard it all but no… I actually endeavour to go for cell, every Wednesday, and cell always rocks. Somehow I need new gas for Church, new verve, new fire, yes…I do.

I couldn’t help but laugh as I read all the posts on Valentine’s day; serakelz’s post unhinged me from ignorance as I learnt new things about women. This day was awesome, I got to see a friend of mine- his chickilovely baiby had just given him a new born baby, a son and oh, how precious that boy is! I couldn’t believe, this boy who we used to study,talk,play with all the way from 2000 was now a daddy! Whoah!!

Sadly sometime later, another close friend of mine lost his brother, his only brother and it was one of those things that sobers you up. I got a chance to be there for him and just be a friend as he went through the sorrow.

Those two friends of mine are both engaged, guys we played Mortal Kombat on PS consoles with at Guild Canteen while we were still bu young guys at MACOS. Time has shifted seriously…

I made a new friend too. Amazing what you miss out when you do not reach out and talk to somebody…it was Valentine’s day when we hooked up but seeing as she isn’t a fan of the day, we had to celebrate somethin else…after a month it’s been awesome. What we celebrated was called “Mwanzo Amitie”. Friends go a long way in keeping me sane, I thank God for all of them.

Work is hectic, I do two jobs, so man… I really cannot wait to become rich.

By the way, before I forget, I am invitin all who want to come for an evening of pork, n’ebigenderako, music, people later this month on 27th in Kisaasi. Just 10k. U can hand over yo dime before 25th, just call me- 0714005045.

I had a lot to say but did not say it all. Just pray that this is the month God scatters all my enemies and renews the fire on my heart.

Peace out.


7 thoughts on “Recap

  1. People change, along with the world around them. But the essentials of friendship hardly ever change! Thank God you're still there for your friends, as they're there for you..

  2. his 'chickilovely baiby'?! hahaha! that is amusing.. oba i was kinda in that state too?! this beginning of year was alone.. 🙂 the good thing is the revival of the passion, all you gots to do is ask.. 🙂

  3. Rev, you a bi-polar these days? Churchy yet? lol..

    Hey SAFYRE, yeah friendships are the whole nine yards.

    So anonymous, I wonder why yo anon...but I am askin Him abt the fires, I am believing He will answer.

    Hey TRP, nice to see u here..


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