Random scattered brain

So I wake up with haze over my eyes
I am supposed to be refreshed
but something is clutching my heart
You know the feeling when you know somethin’s wrong
But you try to act as if everything is going to be fine

So step out of bed and I’m not sure that I can stand
My head is light as a feather,
My body is lighter,
I lean against the white wall try not to tip over

I got the strangest nausea building in my chest
Feel like throwing up a whole mountain
But certainly afraid
I get down to my laptop try to muster some sense
Open blogger hit my create
And this is what I came to say

I am a reed in the swamp
New leaf in a left over stump
My heart is running like Usain Bolt
But at the same time being pensive
Like that statue of old

Call me when you’re sober
I hope I’ll be sober too
When you finally land from the inverted heights
Loneliness is easy,
If the heart isn’t warm

So I pull my covers try to keep my thoughts warm.


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