Prophets, Elections and Liberals

5 things about the election that I have thoughts on. Looking at Uganda’s and Africa’s response in general, there’s a lot to say about God and people. Here are my thoughts.

1. People validating their Christianity or lack of it because of prophets. TB Joshua, Kagyezi, Lubega etc are names that have come out as regards this prophecy thing. Does it really matter though? Shouldn’t we leave God out of that fight. Haven’t you noticed how when a prophecy goes wrong God takes the flack, and when it goes right, man takes the glory? I have seen a particular self proclaimed prophet boasting about how for him he’s different because his things never go wrong. Jesus!  Some of you are using God/prophecy for relevance, some of you to throw another stone at God. It amuses.

2. Christians fighting over who’s God’s choice in the election. Some of you saying one candidate has quoted more verses than the other. One is a bigot, the other a racist, eh! Your reasons are many. They are all carnal nonetheless. You’re behaving like Jesse when Samuel came to anoint David. You’re all looking on the outside. Let the one who knows hearts have that discussion.

3. Liberals acting intolerant. Liberals are used to having their way lately. After all, liberal issues are usually pro people. Pro justice. Pro civil liberties and more. Liberals are self appointed as the conscience of the world. Trump is a nightmare. He’s coming against so many things yet he’s been chosen by probably the next door neighbour or shop keeper or nurse. Liberals are embarrassed. This a bad decision. But they’ve been mocking the man the whole election and he just trumped on. It’s unbelievable that in the new world, liberals can have things not go their way.

4.Media has an agenda. So careful, that thing we call knowledge can as well be brainwashing. I was following CNN and Google for results and it was interesting how long it took CNN to “allow” their candidate had lost. On TV they were really straining a gnat to convince themselves the impossible wasn’t happening!

5. The world is like a brain. Left side. Right side. So are countries. The elections prove it. The brain is not only for the Democrats or Republicans, they must learn to work together for the body to function otherwise the mind will go crazy, like it seems to be doing now in the US and the whole world. But who am I kidding, as long as black and white exist, a mix of the two only reveals grey areas!

It’s a new age. Things could go south or not but we’ve been here before.


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