Pronounce it right.

I feel like KJ 52 right now. People assume since the 5 and 2 are next to each other, it should be read fifty two! On the contrary, It is pronounced KJ five- two.

This has happened to me as well on many occasions of first encounters, sometimes virtual, other times physical. Someone reads my nick name and assumes I meant never ender… banange, have mercy on my self baptised nick name!! C’est ne pas never ender.

Follow with me.

1. What in heaven would never ender mean?
Never ender… A thing or person that ends the possibility of impossibility?
Or something that never ends perhaps?

2. Why would someone call themselves never ender? Perhaps he is never ending? Kinda like God…kinda like blasphemous? Huh?
3. It sounds so un cool, kinda like Lil Wayne, or Rihanna, or Prince, or Marilyn Manson..(yes I do not like those people..and note, I said like.

Stand corrected all ye who have made the error of calling yours truly never ender. That is not what it is. It is Take note. Okay?!!

Onto other matters.

I am still feeling wretched…yet I am much better off than those who perished in the quake of Pakistan, much better than the relatives of those in fated accidents in Ug of recent, much better than the women from Karamoja whose occupation is handy. Yet these comaprisons offer me no consolation, no real anchor, nothing to set me to tears.

Depression is a disease.

I need a doctor.

God I kinda need you to usurp this feeling. Help. I guess I need divine intervention.

Even October has ended!!! Sincerely…been too long in comfort zones.


8 thoughts on “Pronounce it right.

  1. i like the movies you like except dark knight and i think that Mel gibson is cinema's masterpiece! i liked apocalypto... now, i looooove KJ52, alll his songs esp the latest fan mail, there is this remix he has with rebeka st james' song god... wowowowowowow! anyhoo, why deprest? ... its not a nice feeling, but when i get low, i usually search for the feeling within thats causing it and naturally come up with the answer... then sort it out or ask God to do it... you know the song by FFH 'move or move me? its my best depresant (for lack of a better word) song... it stars, 'i dont have the words to pray, i am a little down today, can you help me, can you here me....etc anyway short of making another blog entry... be of God cheer , He has overcome the world... and socks! boots!

  2. Lol!!! The socks and boots put a smile on my face , hehe.

    Wooo...I love the fanmail song, I even have a video of it. He did a remix with Rebecca St James,,awww that's awesome!

    FFH...don't know them...YET.

    thanks, I will be of good cheer!

  3. The never ender bit had me smiling...too funny!!!

    Sorry that you're feeling depressed..I hope things work out for you soon

  4. hahaha, you've got me. I'd actually not even noticed it's that, guess people read words and not letters. All along, I thought it was new vender -donno why. Thanks for the correction. Tho, what does nevender mean?

  5. I do not know if petesmama is better than you Emi; new vender?!!! Hahahahaha!!!!

    That's funny.

    I will explain how I got my "nevender" in an upcoming blog post.



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